Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Latest on Paris hilton

 Paris Hilton, who was arrested with 0.8 grams of cocaine in Las Vegas, could face time behind bars if found guilty of felony possession of the controlled substance. If convicted of a low-grade felony, under Nevada law, Hilton could be punished with a maximum of four years in jail. However, such a sentence is not likely, says a former D.A. “Although the law in Nevada does tend to be more stringent than in California, in reality it is not likely Paris will receive such a harsh sentence," Fox News quoted former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, Robin Sax.

You people might have been thinking that why i am focusing more and more on Paris Hilton.She could spent her precious 4 years behind bars which will be so sad for her fans.Lets hope her lawyer find a way for her this time.


  1. She'll get like 5 hours in jail and some community service.

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