Sunday, August 29, 2010

BBC Report

BBC just confirmed that Ms Hilton was arrested by Las Vegas police when they stopped a car in which she was a passenger.
Officers found some suspicious powder in the car, which later proved to be cocaine.
She was booked into the county jail before being charged and released, police said.
Police spokesman Marcus Martin said Ms Hilton was being driven by a friend when they were stopped by police at 2330 local time (0630 GMT).
"Officers noticed a vehicle leaving smoke trail of a controlled substance [and] made a stop based on that," he said.
She was taken to Clark County Detention Center and charged before being released "on her own recognizance "- meaning she has promised to appear in court but has not had to pay bail.



  2. hahahahah..but i guess it happens to the best of us?

  3. Well this was expected.